Pokemon Midnight
Language Availability
Disclosure Closed

Type of Fangame Standalone
Available for playing No
Engine RPG Maker XP
Programming Language Ruby Game Scripting System
Series Pokemon
State In Development
Genre Role-playing game

Last Development Event 25th November 2007
Version 3


Well this is just a new game, kinda based of my old game (Pokemon Sky Blue), which was lost because my brother deleted all my old files. So this year(November 24,2007) I thought I should try to make it again! So here I am making my game again =P


Recently, a new region was discovered, with many new secrets. After the researchers searched the region they discovered that the Pokemon Darkrai visits this region a lot. The researchers believe that Darkrai lives on this region, so they don't think it's a good idea to let people take this region. But the people still go to this region, some of them came to this region to hunt down Darkrai, others came to set up gyms and discover new pokemons.


  • New Region
  • Custom Message
  • Custom Menu system
  • Custom Battle system written from scratch
  • Time System including day and night

Time Cycle:


  • Random Weather effects based on where you are in game


  • Intro


Select Gender-Boy(Boy sprite is just a placeholder!)

Select Gender-Girl(Girl sprite is just a placeholder!)

  • Custom Battle System


Go Pikachu!


Run Away

  • Game Play / Maps

Hero in Starting Town


Staff list last updated 26th November 2007.

Staff List
Member Nickname Position(s) Joined Status
Illusion Gaming

Founder, Programmer, Writer, Leader

November 2007 Active


  • rataime
  • goldenaura3
  • Fangking Omega
  • Squall
  • phlyomortis
  • avatar

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